We desire that everyone in the adult entertainment industry know they are purposed, loved and valued. We exist to offer free to low-cost support and services to industry women, men and their families. 



POLE Gems is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit in Salem, Oregon and an official member of the Strip Church Network. Each month, ladies-only volunteer group gather together with a car full of gifts to hand out to both women and men who work in our local strip clubs. We give gifts because we believe it is through a gift that we show love and value to our family and friends. We give gifts because God has lavished His grace and love (as His gift) on us (Eph 1:7-8).


We’re all about creating relationships! Our hope is that each gift a lady or man receives in the clubs we visit brings a smile to their face and shows them they are cared for. We also place a card in each bag to let them know they can reach out to us if they need something. 

What We Offer


Besides giving gifts each month, we provide free to low-cost services to women and men in the adult entertainment industry. Some of the other services we provide are:


  • Free to low-cost counseling for women in or out of adult entertainment

  • Mentoring to industry women and their families

  • Referrals to outside resources for assistance

  • Resume building/job search assistance

  • Help with travel to important appointments

  • Limited rental/utility assistance

  • Household items

  • "Safe Church" recommendations

  • Legal assistance

  • Food boxes

  • Baby showers

  • Birthday parties

  • Industry women bible studies (coming soon!)


POLE Gems is 100% run by volunteers that care about the mission. There are many ways for you to get involved depending on your availability and how much time you are able to invest. Please fill out our online volunteer application and one of our staff members will get back to you for an in-person interview. Below are a few opportunities that you could get involved with (please note that some opportunities may not be available depending on current need):


  • Outreach team 

  • Prayer team

  • Monthly donor

  • Church partner

  • Mentor team

  • Speaking team

  • Fundraising team

  • Grant writing

  • Licensed Counselor

  • Pro Bono Legal Assistance

  • Resume building and job search support

  • Fireworks tent management team

  • Fireworks tent volunteer

  • Help organize teams for annual events

  • Gift bag team

  • Cook meals for up to 10 people for volunteers on outreach nights

  • Website and tech support

  • Automobile repair

  • Do you have an idea or talent you’d like to see utilized for POLE Gems? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you.


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